Your First Step to Lower Electricity Bills and Reduced Carbon Emissions

Electricity prices are rising at an alarming rate. Therefore it is now more important than ever to reduce energy costs. By improving the overall efficiency using well-proven and fundamental technologies, such as new generation PowerMas Power Factor Correction (PFC) and voltage optimisation systems, you can lower your electricity bills by up to 25% and proportionally reduce CO2 emissions. 

In line with the European Union directives to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, Optimised Power Products, backed by 3 decades experience in pioneering research and development produces a range of advanced and highly reliable Auto-Dynamic Power Factor Correction systems Powermas  to improve electrical efficiency, reduce energy costs by up to 25% and proportionally lower carbon emissions. 

United Kingdom's Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme has qualified this technique for funding and Carbon Trust interest free loans may be available for equipment purchase. Once the system is installed the wasted electricity is reduced immediately and reactive power penalty charges removed.