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Auto-Dynamic Power Factor Correction

25% lower electric costs with Powermas Automatic microprocessor based Power Factor Control system
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Power Factor Correction (PFC) is accepted universally as one of the first steps recommended to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency by reducing the wasted electricity. It works by correcting an inefficient electrical load or supply using specially designed microprocessor controlled monitoring that regulates and improves the power factor by automatically switching dedicated high performance capacitors in to circuit to counteract the effects of an inductive load which is produced by all motors, transformers, pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration and general plant & machinery that use motors in their operation.

Power factor can be regarded as a measure of “efficiency” and has values ranging from 0 to 1, where 1 is 100% efficient. Power factor correction equipment improves this “efficiency” so that less electrical current is needed to achieve the same result and consequently lower your utility bills; it will also reduce circuit currents which will allow additional loads to be fitted to an otherwise inefficient electrical system. 

Powermas high performance range of heavy duty Automatic, Dynamic and Detuned Power Factor Correction Systems, with its unique design and wide range of ratings, cover every power requirement. It is delivered ready for installation and immediate savings for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. Once the system is installed the wasted electricity is reduced immediately and reactive power penalty charges removed.  

PowerMas Auto-Dynamic Power Factor Correction (PFC) is probably the most versatile system available today with its unique design based on the loading pattern to select capacitor stages with appropriate stage ratios matching the load profile and circuits that suppress the transient inrush current and capacitor overload providing a robust and highly precise system for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.


Advanced Powermas Systems

1 - Powermas Automatic microprocessor based PFC system is the optimal and economical solution for single centralised power correction for varying load patterns demanding reactive power compensation. Advanced models incorporate specifically designed control circuits and vacuum contactors for industrial and commercial applications where large number of operations is required. This is the most economical and reliable system to reduce waste and improve power efficiency for a wide range of applications in: Factories, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Schools, Water treatment, Cold chambers, Industrial plants, Petrol stations… just to name but a few. 

2 -  Powermas Auto-Dynamic high speed PFC system is designed for highly fluctuating loading patterns where large number of operations is required. This method enables high speed response since the electromechanical switch contactors do not suit for extensive fast switching cycle. This Electronic Switching method is the most appropriate option for various applications such as: Elevators, Resistance Welding, Cranes, Wind Turbines, Electric Trains, Induction Furnace, Press Breaks, etc…

3 - Powermas Detuned Automatic PFC system includes Harmonic Filters designed to absorb a high proportion of the voltage and current distortion that is produced by a range of modern electrical equipment and effectively clean up the supply. Harmonic distortion can cause: failures of power factor correction capacitors, transformer and switchgear overloads, malfunction of electronic equipment, increased wear in motors and other equipment, problems for neighbouring consumers, light fitting failures etc. Powermas Detuned capacitor elements are rated for 525V operation to ensure exceptional reliability and long trouble free operational life.

Standards & Specification

Powermas PFC Systems:

  • Automatic Standard Multi-Stage Operation
  • Auto-Dynamic High Speed Thyristor Switching Operation
  • Automatic Detuned with Harmonic Distortion Filters
  • Ratings are available from 50KVAR up to 1200KVAR
  • Higher KVAR ratings are achieved by connecting two or more units
  • 'Master' unit can be connected up to 12 'Slave' units for very high KVAR ratings
  • Supply: 415V 3Phase 50Hz 
  • High voltages up to 6000V available on request
  • Installation: 3 Wire, neutral not required. (neutral for cooling fan only)
  • Programmable Controllers with power factor display & automatic set up
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C +45°C 
  • IP Class: IP 42 min 
  • Humidity: Up to 90%
  • Discharge: Less than 50V one minute after switch off
  • Construction: 14g mild steel welded enclosure
  • Finish: RAL7035 textured light grey
  • Remote programming & control available 
  • RS 232 MODBUS protocol 
  • Standards: BSEN60831 (IEC831 & IEC70/70), BSEN60439, BSEN60204, IEC61921
  • Capacitors: Biodegradable and non toxic. Comply with international standard IEC 60831
  • Lifespan: Approximately 15 years

Powermas Standard

KVAR Stages Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
50 2 25 800 x 400 x 200
75 2 35 800 x 400 x 200
100 3 40 1000 x 400 x 200
150 4 45 1000 x 600 x 200
200 5 55 1200 x 600 x 300
250 6 75 1200 x 600 x 300
300 7 90 1400 x 600 x 400
350 8 110 1400 x 700 x 400
400 9 130 1600 x 700 x 400
450 10 150 1600 x 800 x 500
500 11 170 1700 x 800 x 500
550 12 190 1700 x 800 x 600
600 13 210 1800 x 900 x 600

Designed and manufactured in the European Union all our equipment is guaranteed for 2 years 
and comply with EU standards and safety regulations.

UKAS Quality Management