Optimas Hybrid

Dynamically Controlled Energy Saving Technology

The key features & benefits of OptiMas Hybrid are

Optimax Hybrid Power Optimiser gives lower electricity costs
Optimax Hybrid
  • Reduction in electricity consumption
  • Prolongs lifespan of plant & electrical appliances
  • Enhanced safety systems (automatic seamless bypass)
  • Under voltage & over current protection
  • Remote control & monitoring options
  • Low maintenance
  • Manufactured & designed in the UK

The OptiMas – Hybrid Energy saving system delivers real measurable savings on electricity consumption and is unique in both design and functionality.
Manufactured exclusively in the UK, the system delivers real savings through the well documented principal of voltage management and the option of automatic power factor correction combined to reduce electricity usage and improve electrical efficiency to maximize financial savings.

How does the OPTIMAS HYBRID work?

Voltage levels in the UK are set roughly between 216v to 253v, the level at which all electrical equipment in the UK are designed to operate, although typically the user has little control over the voltage they receive while the actual line voltage received is on average around 242v.

The OptiMas Hybrid system deals with this fluctuation and maintains a more efficient voltage level to return an energy saving and protect appliances and plant from the potentially harmful higher voltages.

Simply put, voltage can be described as a pressure, if you apply a higher pressure than need be for the appliance to work correctly, the appliance will deteriorate much quicker than an appliance receiving a controlled and managed pressure.

Can it be INSinstalled on any site?

Within reason, yes, although sites with an average voltage level in excess of 236v will perform much better and deliver maximum savings.

Is the OPTIMAS HYBRID SYSTEM “Smart Grid” ready?

YES and a very important consideration when considering an investment in energy saving systems incorporating voltage management technology. The OptiMás Hybrid system is fully “smart grid” ready and will respond seamlessly to grid fluctuations while other less intelligent non-stabilizing systems may place the site at risk to low voltage as “smart grid” is implemented.