Single Phase Products

OPTIMAX 60-100A / 100-160A

Single Phase Power Optimiser

Optimax Single Phase Power Optimiser gives reduced electricity costs
Optimax 60-100A

Works by smoothing the power input to as near as 220v as possible, reducing waste by up to 18%. Automatically adjusts to power fluctuations, no maintenance needed.

Built to appropriate British Standards CE Approved. Suitable for shops, bars, restaurants and light commercial use.

Power Input   220-253v 50 – 60 Hz
Guarantee   2 years subject to correct installation
Price   Aimed at a 10/12 month return on investment.
Delivery   6-8 weeks
Deposit   40% with order
Weight   12.7 Kg
Length   410 mm
Height   210 mm
Depth   125 mm