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African Business forced off-grid. The growing necessity for Diesel Generators

There’s a measure called the energy availability factor — it means the percentage of Eskom’s electricity generation plant that is actually producing energy.

In 2017 it 79%. In 2018 it dropped to 72%. And in 2019 it went down again to 67%.

You can expect the same again next year. And as a consequence load-shedding in South Africa will go on increasing into the future.

How is business expected to operate without energy?

The facts are; many African companies are being forced off-grid by ever increased load-shedding. The only option to maintain electrical supply is to use diesel generators.

Diesel Fuel Savings

We can’t do anything about the load-shedding. But Optimised Power Products enhanced Automatic Power Factor Solutions can help you to reduce diesel fuel consumption and save you money.

Our units typically produce savings of at least 10% on monthly bills, but we’ve also seen out units savings of as much as 30%.

“We used to exhaust our 600 litres diesel fuel tank in 12-13 hours of continuous use. But since the installation of Power Factor Correction from Optimised Power Products, the same tank of diesel now lasts 17 hours. This represents a saving of around 30%age points from the previous scenario without the PFC unit installed.” – Pick and Pay Newlands – Zimbabwe 

In such cases the pay-back time on your investment in Power Factor Equipment could be as little as 12 months.

But the facts are, it really depend on 3 things:

  1. The number of hours your run your generator
  2. The power load level you run at
  3. And cost of diesel

If you have an energy intensive business, or an energy crucial business (like cold storage) you’ll be spending increasing amounts on diesel in the coming years. And the price is only going one way too. The increased demand for diesel is already pushing prices upwards.

Business owners who are serious about staying in business must think long-term. Investment now means that you’ll be making at least 10% savings every month on your ever-increasing diesel fuel bill. 

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart in Litres

The table below shows the amount of diesel fuel required to run various sized generators.

We’ve also included the diesel required to run your generators at various loads. This should be useful for you.

Please note this table should only be used as a guide. Actual usage may vary slightly.

More Information

Our PFC equipment is the only technology available that works with diesel generators. And it’s so good, that every unit we supply comes with a Full 5 Year Warranty.

You’ll find more information about our Power Factor Solutions throughout this website.

For an informal discussion on how we can help your business and answer any questions you have, please use the CONTACT US page.

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