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Low Power Factor and Reactive Energy Surcharges – Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe

This short video explains the new charges in plain English, so everyone can understand it.



Business Operators across Africa now have additional electricity costs to pay.

KPLC Kenya = Power Factor Surcharges. Zesco Zambia = Low Power Factor Surcharges. ZETDC Zimbabwe = Reactive Energy Charges. PDS Ghana = Special Load Tariff.

They make it complicated and difficult to understand. To make it easy to understand we’ve simplified it, so everyone it concerns can understand.

What are Power Factor Fines and Reactive Energy Surcharges? And why do we have them?

Power Factor measures how efficiently your installation/facility uses electrical power. Low Power Factor means inefficient use of/wasted energy.

All commercial customers are now required to improve their Power Factor and reduce wasted energy.

Customers that DO NOT IMPROVE their Low Power Factor will have ADDITIONAL SURCHARGES added to all future bills.

What are the advantages of Power Factor Correction?

Depending on your Power Factor, the surcharges can be substantial.

The only way to avoid these surcharges is to improve your Power Factor by installing Power Factor Correction Equipment AKA Reactive Power Compensation Equipment.

There are two further major benefits for you and your company.

SAVE up to 25% on Your 3 PHASE Electricity Bills.

SAVE at least 10% on Your DIESEL GENERATOR Fuel Bills.

Why should you choose Optimised Power Products?

Because it’s the only Power factor Correction Equipment that’s guaranteed to work and survive the demands of the African climate.

Optimised Power Products PFC equipment is built from superior technology and specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high altitudes.

It’s also the only PFC equipment available anywhere that works with diesel generators, enabling you to reduce the ever increasing costs of powering your diesel fuel generators.

Our technology is so good that every unit we supply comes with a full 5 year parts and labour guarantee.

No other company can offer you the same guaranteed reliability.

How much does OPP Power Factor Correction cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of your electrical installation.

But the savings you’ll make are so great that our units pay for themselves (with the savings they make) in months. Sometimes it’s even less than that.

And after that you’ll be saving all the way.

1. NO Power Factor Surcharges.

2. SAVING up to 25% on all your future electricity bills.

3. You’ll also be making BIG SAVINGS on the ever increasing costs of powering your diesel fuel generators.

How do I get started?

Contact us today for a free expert consultation

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