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Welcome to Optimised Power Products South Africa

Market leading Power Factor Correction Equipment for companies across South Africa

Maximising Energy Efficiency and Savings: The Benefits of OPP Power Factor Correction Equipment for South African Businesses

With nearly 10 years experience and industry expertise, Optimised Power Products provide superior quality Power Factor Correction solutions that help South African businesses save (up to 25%) on their electricity bills.

What sets Optimised Power Products apart from other providers is our unique offering – we provide the only Power Factor Correction equipment that works with diesel generators to reduce running costs by at least 10%. This is a game-changer for businesses that rely on generators, as it can significantly reduce their monthly diesel fuel bills.

At Optimised Power Products, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in South Africa when it comes to electricity supply. That’s why we’ve developed a range of innovative Power Factor Correction Equipment that offers unrivalled reliability and specification.

SAVE up to 25% on Commercial Electricity Bills

Our Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment optimises the use of electricity, reducing wastage and improving efficiency.

This translates to significant savings of up to 25% on monthly electricity expenses.

SAVE at least 10% on Diesel Generator Fuel Bills

OPP is the only PFC equipment that works with diesel generators to reduce fuel costs.

We guarantee minimum savings of 10%, but we’ve also helped companies reduce monthly diesel expenses by as much as 30%.

Why is Power Factor so Important for South African Companies?

Power Factor is important because it measures of how efficiently electrical power is being used by a company’s electrical installation. A high power factor indicates efficient utilisation of electrical power, while a low power factor indicates wasted power.

We (Optimised Power Products) have conducted Power Factor Surveys at numerous South African companies and the results show an average power factor of PF 0.78. Meaning that on average the companies we surveyed were wasting 22% of all the electricity they were billed for.

In addition to these benefits, power factor correction will help your electrical installation run more efficiently,  improve its reliability, extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Power Factor is also important because it can help your business become more environmentally friendly by reducing its carbon footprint.

Without Power Factor Correction You’re Literally Burning Money

Real Stories from Satisfied Customers: How OPP have Helped Businesses across South African to Save Money and Improve their Bottom Line

Tinashe Mombeshora – Maintenance Manager at Novafeed Animal Feeds

Tinashe Mombeshora – Maintenance Manager at Novafeed Animal Feeds

“We have been using the Optimised Power Products PFC Unit and are very impressed by the results. We have realised a significant saving on our electricity bill, we use less Solar and our Generators are using about 10% less fuel. We now also run more machinery on the same Transformer since the PFC unit has freed up additional power.”

Gurende – Branch Manager at Pick n Pay Wholesale

Gurende – Branch Manager at Pick n Pay Wholesale

“We used to exhaust our 600 litres diesel fuel tank in 12-13 hours of continuous use. But since the installation of power factor correction from Optimised Power Products, the same tank of diesel now lasts 17 hours. This represents a saving of around 30%.”

Niren Ramlaul – Operations Director at Spar Retail

Niren Ramlaul – Operations Director at Spar Retail

“Since installation of OPP power factor correction the unit has given us great savings on our electricity bills. We are also very pleased with the service we received and are currently in the process of ordering further units for our other stores. It was very reassuring to be given a full 5 year warranty which no other company could offer us.”

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Don’t Settle for Less When it Comes to Power Factor Correction Equipment

power factor correction equipment, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa

Optimised Power Products Ltd offers a Complete Range of Power Factor Correction Units designed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are built from superior quality components that guarantee trouble-free operation in even the most extreme of South African temperatures.

The equipment operates automatically, without any need for maintenance or monitoring, so you can focus on running your business while enjoying the cost savings. With OPP you can look forward to a brighter future for your business, with increased profitability and a sustainable approach to energy consumption.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to Power Factor Correction Equipment. Choose Optimised Power Products and start enjoying the numerous benefits of our Power Factor Correction Equipment.

Contact OPP South Africa

Dr Clem Msindo  +27 63 187 8326/ +27 73 788 0607


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