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Power Factor Correction in Action – Monthly Diesel Generator Fuel Expenses Reduced By 30%

“We used to exhaust our 600 litres diesel fuel tank in 12-13 hours of continuous use. But since the installation of Power Factor Correction from Optimised Power Products, the same tank of diesel now lasts 17 hours. This represents a saving of around 30% from the previous scenario without the PFC unit installed.”

– Pick and Pay Newlands – Zimbabwe 

OPP’s enhanced automatic Power Factor Solutions are unique, they are the only PFC units on the market capable of operating with diesel generators.

We can guarantee you minimum diesel fuel savings of 10%. But for this company, OPP was able to reduce monthly diesel consumption by 30%.

The video below shows one of our units in operation.

You can see on the bottom line the load in KVA and the amps. Around the 25 second mark the PFC unit is switched on and starts to correct the supply. The load and voltage on all three phrases become stable and uniform.

The unit has been in operation for nearly 5 years and we estimate it has saved around 50,000 litres of fuel every year!

The equipment operates automatically, without any need for maintenance or monitoring, so you can focus on running your business while enjoying the cost savings.

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