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Power Factor Correction in Action – we can help you to save money on diesel costs too

Optimised Power Products – Power Factor Solutions That Work

“We used to exhaust our 600 litres diesel fuel tank in 12-13 hours of continuous use. But since the installation of Power Factor Correction from Optimised Power Products, the same tank of diesel now lasts 17 hours. This represents a saving of around 30%age points from the previous scenario without the PFC unit installed.” – Pick and Pay Newlands – Zimbabwe 

Our enhanced Automatic Power Factor Solutions are the only units on the market capable of operating and producing savings with diesel generators. And if you’re a business owner / operator in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Ghana and South Africa you’ll know, load shedding is rising dramatically, leading to ever increasing periods without mains power.

The use of generators to replace lost mains supply has also increased dramatically. Many companies are also predicting that this increased demand for diesel fuel will only push prices even higher.

Diesel Generator Fuel Savings

Our PFC units are specifically designed to operate with diesel generators and typically provide fuel savings of at least 10 %. For some companies the savings are substantial. The video below shows one of our units in operation.

You can see on the bottom lines that the load in kva and the amps, shown as A, decreases from around the 25 second mark as the PFC unit is switched on and starts to correct the supply.

The load and voltage on all three phrases, L1 to L3 becomes stable and uniform. Load reduction of at least 10% is the norm, which is reflected in the consumption of diesel fuel by the same percentage. It is then simple to calculate how much money you will save from using an OPP power factor correction unit.

Our units are also specifically designed for the African Climate, they operate at temperatures up to 65 degrees and at altitudes of 2000 metres above sea level.

Our technology is so good that every unit we supply comes with a Full 5 Year Warranty.

More Information

You’ll find more information about our Power Factor Solutions throughout this website.

For an informal discussion on how we can help with your issues/problems and answer any questions you have, please use the CONTACT US page.

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