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How Power Factor Correction Can Help South African Businesses Save on the Ever Increasing Cost of Powering Diesel Fuel Generators

South African businesses are facing increasing energy costs due to the reliance on diesel fuel generators during times of load shedding.

The ever increasing cost of diesel fuel adds up quickly, eating into your bottom line and profits. But there is a solution: Power Factor Correction (PFC).

What is Power Factor Correction?

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is a process of improving the power factor of a power supply system. The power factor is the ratio of real power to apparent power, and it indicates how effectively electrical power is being used. A low power factor means that the system is not using electricity efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.

Save on the Ever Increasing Cost of Powering your Diesel Fuel Generators

One of the main benefits of PFC is that it improves the power factor of you electrical installation, reducing energy waste and lowering running costs. This is especially important for businesses that rely on diesel fuel generators during load shedding. With PFC, the energy demand on the generator is reduced, meaning less fuel is required to do the same work. This translates to significant savings for businesses over time.

“We used to exhaust our 600 litres diesel fuel tank in 12-13 hours of continuous use. But since the installation of power factor correction from Optimised Power Products, the same tank of diesel now lasts 17 hours. This represents a saving of around 30%.”

The Urgency of PFC for South African Businesses

The cost of energy in South Africa is increasing, and businesses are feeling the pressure to reduce their expenses. With the added burden of load shedding and the reliance on diesel fuel generators, companies are searching for solutions to save money and improve efficiency.

PFC offers a practical and effective solution to these challenges, making it an urgent consideration for South African businesses.

Contact Optimised Power Products

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and improve your business operations. Contact Optimised Power Products today and start enjoying the numerous benefits of our Power Factor Correction Equipment.

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