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Every Month Our Power Factor Correction Equipment Saves This Company 22% On Their Diesel Generator Fuel Bills

Diesel Generator Fuel Savings

What sets Optimised Power Products apart from other PFC providers is our unique offering – we provide the only Power Factor Correction equipment that works with diesel generators to reduce running costs.

This is a game-changer for businesses that rely on diesel generators, as it will significantly reduce your diesel fuel bills. We can guarantee you a minimum saving of 10%, but in the case of this company we’ve been able to save them 22% on their monthly diesel fuel bills.

The video below shows the installed unit in operation.

You will see that after 10 seconds when the Power Factor Correction unit is turned off, the load on the generator increases by around 22%. Which means that if they didn’t have this unit that generator would increase it’s fuel consumption by the same 22%.

You can see the bottom line measures Power Factor (PF). When the unit is on The PF is 99-100%, and when we switch it off it drops to 78%. If you know your own monthly diesel bill just calculate 22% of it and you’ll get an idea of the savings you will make with OPP.

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