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Power Factor Correction in Action: 18% savings on commercial electricity bills

“We import and export fresh farm produce and have the biggest cold room facility at Lusaka Airport. Since the installation of Power Factor Correction equipment we are seeing monthly savings in our Zesco consumption of about 19%. The product also came with a 5-year warranty which gave us complete peace of mind. We have no hesitation in recommending Optimised Power Products.”

ZEGA Limited – The Import Export Experts

Our Power Factor Correction equipment is specifically designed to operate in the demanding climatic conditions of the Southern African continent. Utilising the finest quality Vishay Capacitors along with forced air ventilation our units can operate at altitudes up to 2000 metres above sea level and temperatures of up to 65C.

Our energy saving equipment has a typical pay-back time of 12 months.

Power Factor Correction in Action

The video below shows our power factor equipment in actual operation. The numbers you see are a measurement of the effective use of your electricity.

Our equipment automatically measures all 3 phases of supply and calculates the average utility/usability of your supply. Before the OPP unit switched on you’ll see in places the L3 measurement drops as low as 0.73 in places, meaning that 27% of supply at the moment of measurement was being lost on that phase. You pay for it for but you can’t use it. (make better)

When the PFC unit is switched on around the 12 second mark. You’ll see beginning to correct the supply, it takes about 10 seconds to make the adjustments and correct the supply. It comes 0.99/1.00, meaning 99-100% of your supply is now being utilised.

In this particular case savings of around 18% would be seen in the monthly utility bill, and any reactive penalties would be completely eliminated.

Our technology is so good that every unit we supply comes with a Full 5 Year Warranty.

More Information

You’ll find more information about our Power Factor Solutions throughout this website.

For an informal discussion on how we can help with your issues/problems and answer any questions you have, please use the CONTACT US page.

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