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The Environmental Benefits of Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is good for everyone.

WHY? because it prevents wastage.

10’s of millions of tons of Co2 emissions could be eliminated if all companies implemented appropriate Power Factor Correction.

Take Zambia for example

ZESCO conducted their own Power Factor surveys since 1995. And according to their report “80 percent of the clients surveyed operate at a Power Factor of 0.5 to 0.8” Meaning 8 out of 10 companies measured are producing somewhere between 20% and 50% more Co2 than is necessary.

But the truth is: there wold be no real decrease in emissions as there isn’t actually enough electricity to go round. Load shedding is becoming a way of life. But most companies don’t even realise that not only are they wasting (on average 22%) electrical energy they but they also create increased emissions that are unnecessary and could be eliminated.

And by doing so they would free up electricity for other purposes and other people.

Power Factor Correction on a bigger scale 

If proper Power Factor Correction measures were adopted across the entire economy the results would be dramatic.

The average Reactive Losses over all companies we’ve recorded is 22%. Zesco’s own report (carried out over 10 years) says reactive losses are somewhere between 20 and 50%.

Even if we say it’s only 10% as a whole and apply this to the South Africa, a country that suffers from poor power factor and high reactive losses. A country where 90% of electricity production is coal fired.

If all companies were able to adopt appropriate power factor correction 10’s of million of tons of Co2 could be eliminated every year in South Africa alone.

More Information

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